Celebrate this Easter with amazing travel facilities



Festivals are the relief days of life in which everybody remains too tired to think of any relaxation. So, whenever festivals come, we cheer up. It gives us an opportunity to relax, enjoy and meet someone close. It gives us peace we always long for. 

So, would it be wise to spend any of the festivals sitting at home and doing nothing. Its rather better to spend the time with family on tours not necessarily long tours. 

But, if you have time for long tours but have no plannings then it is wasted.

Well, the fact is Al Reyadh, a reputed tour and travel operator in UK, is providing some service which is unbeatable. It basically provides Hajj And Umrah tour. But, it is a renowned agent for:


Flight booking

Hotel booking

Cargo Booking

VISA services

Being UK’s one of the most oldest and experienced tour service provider, it has developed a sense of understanding and belief upon its customer and people all around. 

It has a website which now facilitates people to opt for any of the available services. Excellent website where navigation is very easy and simple. Not a time consuming matter. Easy booking system. If you encounter any problem on the website or have a question to ask, get into live chat with one of the member. 

Cargo facility is undoubtedly the best and affordable with Al reyadh that is provided from London to cities of Africa and Asia as well.